Cubo Policy

Cubo Policy


Cubo Moto will accept small deposits on our motorcycles as commitment from you to complete the deal within 7 days, or when we have prepared the bike ready for the road, unless otherwise agreed.

Deposits reserve the bike for you, we will take the bike off sale and start the necessary prep work, these deposits are non-refundable if you decide to not go ahead, or cancel for any reason.


Cubo Moto has a very good reputation and we pride ourselves on supplying quality used motorcycles. We inspect all our bikes before release to the new owners, unless the customer signs a disclaimer for a trade sale.

We offer 3 month warranties with most of our bikes unless otherwise stated. For example, old classic or retro bikes will not be offered with a warranty due to the old age and nature of the bikes.

Some part exchanges may not be offered out with a warranty, as they may be priced to clear as a trade sale. Any bikes that have been supplied by us with a warranty and subsequently used on track/raced will void your warranty.

Alarms are not covered under warranty. This is due to the nature of the design and the exposure of the alarms to the elements of the weather, even the top-end brands such as DataTool and Meta alarms we have found that they can drain batteries or malfunction after being installed on the bike for some time.

We do understand it helps with safety and reduces insurance premiums, but as its a design fault by the manufacturers, we don't take any responsibility, and where deemed necessary, we will remove the alarms prior to the bike being released, or removed within the warranty period, if found faulty.